About Us

Company Overview

SYSFLO® Filtration is a leading, one-stop solutions provider for various purification, and separation processes. We serve numerous industries ranging from food and beverages, electronics, pharmaceutical, to oil and gas, coatings, and chemical. With our vast experience in process applications, we strive to provide our customers with optimized and cost-effective filtration solutions each and every time.

Our sales and technical team collaborate with clients to address purification and separation challenges and we can readily provide technical consultations, support, and data analysis by having state-of-the-art laboratories and R&D resources at our disposal. Since our conception, we have received multiple accolades and positive testimonials from satisfied customers.

Mission Statement

  • We are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing solutions of uncompromising value and at competitive prices
  • We strive at every turn to improve our design, manufacturing processes, product quality and customer support
  • We recognize that our employees are the driving force behind the company, and we strive to provide our staff with a conducive environment to maintain this level of services and products quality
  • Through the delivery of quality products and services, SYSFLO ® Filtration aims to continuously create value for our customers, our employees and our stakeholders far into the future

Corporate Vision

  • Our clients are our most important asset, and we are committed to serving their needs
  • Our company’s driving force is our trained and experienced professionals, technical and support staffs, and we will support our employees achieve their goals and needs
  • Our projects will be performed using the highest standards in practice with emphasis on quality, cost and time
  • We are committed to remain on the leading edge of technology to achieve a competitive advantage in our business
  • We will ensure our growth and vitality by expanding our services, and by establishing new setups in other regions to support its new and existing clients


  • ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
  • NSF/ANSI 42
  • US FDA 21CFR
  • (EU) Directive for Food Safety (No 2011/10, No 2002/72 & etc)
  • Halal Certification
  • USP Class VI Biological Safety
  • ASME U and UM authorized
  • CE Mark

Our Presence

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